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Collector's TP is shrink wrapped, 2-Ply with soy ink and made in USA. Send $12 per roll or $2 per button with check made out to PIEHOLE.
Mail to: PieHole, box 23907, Santa barbara, CA 93121. Be sure to include your return mailing address.
For buttons specify which word(s) you want. You can order multiple phrases using same click button below.
Shipping in the U.S. is FREE. For orders outside the once great USA, add $7 per roll for intl. shipping.
You may also pay with a credit card below. For more info: call 866-852-5891

In USA make sure to choose "USA free ship" on click button below.
Quantities can be changed (+ or -) in the PayPal Cart, which shows as a new tab after "Add to cart" button is clicked.
Almost Funny TP
Almost Funny Button
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